Just picture it: You have a date planned, an exciting balloon ride, but you really don't let on to the secret. It definitely will be a perfect secret as they enjoy the occasion, unaware that there is more to come. You both board the balloon, the propane burners come to life and it launches into the sky.

You are each enraptured with the breathtaking view of the ground below you; in the distance, you can see the allure of the panorama that lays before you. Not even the breeze will effect this memory frozen in time as the heaters submit to silence. This by itself is an extraordinary opportunity but wait, you reach into your pocket, pull out a ring and say the words "Will you marry me?" How could anyone refuse?

In this gorgeous setting, you can choose either the delicate kiss of sunrise to mark the start of a new chapter in your lives, or use the passionate colors of the sunset as a backdrop for your romantic proposal. Whether you elect to propose on the ground with the hot air balloon's vibrant colors in the background or high among the clouds, we can assist you to arrange an unique engagement.

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Taking Your Vows

The feeling of being in love has often been compared with walking on air. Wouldn't it be phenomenal if you could virtually help make that imagery a reality for you and your special someone? You can when you choose to say your vows high above the treetops in a Hot Air Balloon.

There is a multitude of ways we can serve to help you to accomplish what you had always envisioned your special day would be like. Here is a short list of examples to give rise to the perfect wedding adventure for you:

And the list goes on ...

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Wedding Anniversaries

Anniversaries mark a milestone to remember something extremely important in your life. The promise made among two individuals in love should be valued every day, but an anniversary is a chance to reaffirm that beautiful bond. Now what better way to make another fabulous reminder with the love of your life than to take flight not just on Cupid's wings, but in a hot air balloon?

Shared Anniversary Flights

Mark the celebration of the significance of your time spent in devotion to one another with your friends and family on captivating Shared Hot Air Balloon Ride. In addition to the voyage of the balloon itself, you'll also have the opportunity to take part in the customary bubbly toast upon landing. Share your adventure as you have shared your life, with just your other half, or choose to invite your family and friends on this shared ride.

A romantic hot air balloon ride is the best way to make outstanding memories; you may even want to make it a tradition!

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