Team Building

At Baltimore Hot Air Balloons we've designed a team building exercise that is sure to inspire your staff members to new elevations quite literally. Moreover, this interesting and new adventure is bound to produce a tight knit work environment. Unlike various other conventional endeavors meant to promote team effectiveness that are stagnate and dull, our program makes it possible for team members to actively prepare, execute, and accomplish a triumphant Hot Air Balloon Flight and touchdown, thus involving them in every way.


In order to build connections, members need to work very closely which is why we split them into smaller groups of a couple to four people after our personal preflight meeting. Each team is going to be given instruction by our certified ballooning pilots on area, wind conditions and full operation of the balloon itself. Teams may then be directed to use a map to estimate a touchdown spot based on the standards provided to them before.

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Each flight will be closely observed by the group with the help of our expert captains. He will aid the group in carrying out the various tasks required to pump up the balloon and any supplementary safety inspections just before takeoff. Inflation of the balloon generally takes no more than fifteen minutes. Once inflated and all necessary preflight checks have been effectively completed, the captain will have your group board the basket to prepare for take off!


Our captain will utilize team building techniques to instruct the team on the operation of the balloon, and how weather related factors determine the exact altitude to fly at. Based upon their navigating skills with the map and the relevant information provided throughout preflight, the group should also be able to tell the pilot how elevated to fly and where to go in order to get to their destination for touchdown.


The team will conclude their one hour flight with their pre-specified landing area. Group members will assist the captain in packing the balloon. Each pilot is different, but typically a pilot will celebrate the adventure with some sort of amenity varying from a champagne toast to hors d'oeuvres. During this moment each group member will likely have the opportunity to discuss amongst themselves their journey with hot air ballooning.

Team Building

Team building activities are a solid way to unify a team, productize strengths, and resolve the unmistakable weaknesses of the team. At Baltimore Hot Air Balloons, we have dedicated ourselves to fostering an environment and process that serves as real life practice of team building exercises that offer to effectively improve a business, not just serve as a good day off. Nevertheless, let's not fail to remember the beauty and tranquility that ballooning provides and how experiencing such sensation in the presence of our co-workers is a bonding journey in and of itself.

Team Building Journeys may be customized to meet your corporate needs, give us a call at 1-888-994-9275 to schedule yours today!

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