Team Building

We here at Baltimore Hot Air Balloons recognize the dilemma modern offices face in the form of a lack of productive connections between people. Which is why we have developed an effective team building training sure to enhance teamwork and, consequently, increase performance. Moreover, this exciting and new experience is expected to create a tight knit work environment. Unlike other conventional activities meant to encourage team effectiveness that are stagnate and lifeless, our program renders it possible for team members to actively plan, execute, and complete a successful Hot Air Balloon Flight and touchdown, thereby engaging them in every way.


Once you and your team reach the launch location, a preflight conference will take place at which time, the group will be divided into smaller sized groups of 2 to 4 individuals. Our exhaustively trained pilots will instruct the team mutually on weather conditions, location and the way to operate the balloon. The members may be asked to determine a reliable touchdown site based upon their preceding instruction, calling for them to work as a team.

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Every team will likely have now been designated a pilot to manage the elevation of the balloon throughout flight. He will aid the group in carrying out the various tasks required to inflate the balloon and any supplementary safety inspections prior to liftoff. Inflation of the balloon typically takes less than fifteen minutes. Once inflated and all essential preflight checks have been effectively completed, the captain will have your team board the basket to ready for lift off!


Many variables affect the operation of the balloon as well as the elevation we fly at. The pilot makes certain the whole group is up-to-date on specifically what factors into the function of the balloon. Based upon their navigating capabilities with the map and the information provided during preflight, the group should also have the ability to tell the captain how elevated to fly and precisely where to go in order to get to their location for touchdown.


With the aid of their seasoned pilot, the group should prove successful when they land, ideally, on their fixed landing zone following their hour long flight. Assuming their inevitable triumphant landing, every group, with the help of the captain and his ground crew will anchor and pack up the balloon. Every one of the ballooning group's, pilots and landing crew will take part in the customary Champagne salutes. During this moment each group member will likely have the opportunity to discuss amongst themselves their adventure with hot air ballooning.

Team Building

Team Building endeavors are an effective technique to improve work productivity, strengthen communication and raise morale. We believe the technique of planning for and partaking in a hot air balloon flight that culminates in a successful touchdown is an excellent opportunity for employees to implement all the fundamentals meant to be strengthened during team building. The experience of gliding 1000s of feet above a stunning landscape is destined as being a bonding experience, despite Team Building activities.

Team Building Journeys can be customized to meet your corporate and business needs, give us a call at 1-888-994-9275 to reserve yours today!

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