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Let Baltimore Hot Air Balloons provide you with the ultimate blend of exhilaration and tranquility when you schedule your first balloon flight with us! Our veteran pilots offer outstanding, customized voyages to create an experience equaled by no other. We have an absolute allegiance to satisfy your every request by providing the experience of a lifetime.

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Balloon Rides in Baltimore

Balloon Rides around Baltimore

There's no greater way to be introduced into the realm of flight than with an enchanting hot air balloon flight. The beauty of the Baltimore landscape appears incomparable when experienced from 2,000 feet above the Earth. Your trip at the highest level of elevation will take roughly an hour. We have a vast range of features that will serve to remind you of your amazing ballooning adventure. Our agents and crew are devoted to guaranteeing that you have an unforgettable experience with us!

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Baltimore Balloon Ride Gift Certificates

Baltimore Balloon Flight Gifts

The flight of the balloon, and the basic aspects of its control, provide an unchanged balance between amusement and tranquility. Our certificates are interchangeable, and provide chances to create moments that will last a lifetime. Certificates of flight are redeemable through our wide-ranging complex of participating establishments throughout the Country.

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Baltimore Balloon Festivals

Baltimore Balloon Festivals

Experience the unique sight of hundreds of technicolor balloons rising toward the heavens when you attend the Baltimore Balloon Festival. No matter if you prefer viewing the phenomenon from the ground or taking to the skies in a balloon, we can transform your fantasy into a reality.

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Baltimore Corporate Balloon Advertising

Baltimore Balloon Advertising and Marketing

Successful marketing ploys utilize gimmicks that are fresh and stimulating to see. Using our premiere business out in the open will certainly get people talking. Using overpass and tethered flights works as an outreach to an entirely new market to get your business flying in profits.

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At Baltimore Hot Air Balloons, we pride ourselves on providing a safe environment and balloon trip to fulfill your needs. We work with veteran captains who are exhaustively practiced to provide an individualized experience tailored to your distinct needs. To come to be a certified balloon pilot, pilots must effectively finish a comprehensive and strict instructional program including 16 hours of flight time and a wide variety of other requirements. Those conditions are the very least of what is required to become a skilled ballooning pilot, therefore, it's safe to assume the pilot has devoted numerous hours executing smooth flights and landings. Take your passion for flight to the max with a breathtaking balloon ride over Baltimore, enjoy the peace of mind that your safety is out top priority. Trust us, we've got it covered.

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